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Sanibel™ Infant EarCup™ Kit w/o electrodes, box/20 sets

Sanibel™ Infant EarCup™ Kit w/o electrodes, box/20 sets

Product SKU: 8508848
Compatible with: GSI Novus (OAE Probe), MAICO EasyScreen AABR (Classic), MAICO MB11 Classic, Otodynamics Otocheck ABR, Otodynamics Otoport DP Clinical

For use with a range of different providers of newborn hearing screening equipment:

Grason Stadler: Novus.

Interacoustics: Titan, Sera.

MAICO: Easyscreen, MB11 Classic.

Madsen/Otometrics: AccuScreen.

Natus: Biologic Abear, Echscreen. Use only with equipment calibrated for over-ear style disposables.

Compatible with ABaer, Accuscreen (not touch version) and EchoScreen, the Sanibel Infant EarCup™ is a high quality, low cost disposable over-the-ear earphone ideal for bilateral newborn hearing screening. It is made of a soft, flexible, non-invasive material and is therefore optimal for use when testing on newborns. The clear see-through outer shell allows for easy positioning over the ear and the soft foam material allows for the baby to rest his/her head on an Infant EarCup™ during testing.  The design assists to reduce the effects of ambient noise during testing.

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