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About SanibelSupply

Who are we?

Based on 40 years of experience in healthcare, Sanibel Supply was founded in 2010 as an independent company specialized in supplies for audiology equipment. The starting point was impedance ear tips, but over the years, our product line has developed into supplies used in ABR and VNG making us a full-line supplier within the whole range of quality disposables today.

At our large production units in US and Poland, we produce our own private Sanibel-labelled products, but also stock a range of popular brands. And we are constantly expanding our product range.

Who are our customers?

Sanibel Supply sells to clinics and hospitals all over the world. No customer is considered too small or too large as we sell both via wholesale, retail and tenders. We have a tender sale set-up that is specialized in large tenders. Our focus on price ensures price-compatible products even at small quantities.

How can we help you?

One of our key focuses is to be close to our customers. That is why we sell our products through multiple channels.

Sanibel Supply is the only truly online supplier of disposables, and in our EU and US webshops, it has never been easier for our customers to order disposables for world-wide delivery. With our large distribution set-up all over the world, we are in most cases able to deliver 48 hours after placement of order. Or customers can choose a lower delivery cost if the order is not urgent.

Whether orders are supplied via one of our large audiology equipment distributor partners, via our webshops or sales offices in DK, USA or Australia, we always strive to provide good service and counseling to ensure that our customers buy the products that suit their needs.

This web-shop ( only ships to addresses in Europe. For US deliveries please visit For other international deliveries, please send an email to

What is our vision?

It is our vision to become the preferred partner to small and large hearing care providers. We can only achieve this if we keep our focus on quality, price and distribution set-up. We always strive to improve our ways of doing things. We want to:

  • Deliver quality supplies at the right price
  • Deliver quality consultancy services
  • Deliver the right product line to meet most common needs

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